347La Vergine Maria: Introducete l’aborto in Irlanda e troncherete il legame con il mio Cuore
The Remnant Armysinful lawabortioncall to conversionaposthasyprayer for protectiongenocidepersecution of Christianityfight against sinto those who believe in these Messagesdictaturea call to spread Messagesban of practising the faithIrelandsecularismprayer to avoid abortionsocialism
17 febbraio
769Molti non saranno abbastanza forti per combattere contro l’aborto, l’eutanasia e il matrimonio dello stesso sesso
warschastisement from Godsinful lawmasonryabortionOne World Govermentacceptance of sinBiblehungeremptinessdarkness in a worlddivision amongst Christianseuthanasiasecularismsin of homosexual marriagenull
15 aprile
1306L’unico pericolo per l’umanità è l’uomo stesso
changes of wheather patternspower of prayerto clergyearthfaithfulness to the faithecologypoliticsliefaithfulness to Truthchanges on the Earththe so called global warmingsecularismso called new evangelization
01 gennaio