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125Continue to spread My word – I am sending you many volunteers
fight against this Mission, a call to spread Messages,
2011-06-28 19:30:00.0
428Set up Prayer Groups devoted to Jesus to Mankind
prayer for homeland , Jesus to mankind, Prayer Groups, Crusade Prayers, Maria Divine Mercy, a call to spread Messages, fight against this Mission, I Am, 666 - the mark of the beast, the Seal of The Living God, Jesus always present,
2012-05-16 17:38:00.0
449Satan intends to poison the minds of some of My chosen souls towards this Mission
spiritual envy, hatred to this Mission, persecuton of prophets, fight against this Mission, prayer for strenght, betrayal by the clergy, a call to spread Messages, goal of Satan,
2012-06-05 22:00:00.0
451600,000 fallen angels were released last year from the pits of Hell. A further 5 million have now been released
Armageddon, Satan's Army, Chruch will fall, masonry, desecration of the Eucharist, goal of Satan, demoralisation, to clergy, sins of the clergy, aposthasy, New Age, New World Religion, Lucifer, false paradise, Buddha, egoism, Middle East, Europe, world currency, tactic of satan, satan does not know thoughts of a person, temptation, corruption, power, sinful law, wars, demons, The Remnant Army, power of prayer, call to conversion, a call to spread Messages, fight against this Mission, the Book of Truth, Apocalypse,
2012-06-07 20:00:00.0
658You will be the focus of much hatred
last prophet, fight against this Mission, persecuton of prophets, a call to spread Messages, about this Mission, hatred to this Mission, the Way of the Cross to Calvary,
2012-12-31 19:25:00.0
784When you have been given the Truth, it is important that you continue to spread the Word of God
God's Truth, a call to spread Messages, love is answer to hatred, to believers, how to spread conversion, prayer for conversion, the meaning of Crusade Prayers , fight against this Mission,
2013-05-06 18:42:00.0